A family of six that lived in Seattle was very close and participated in all of the family’s activities together. The parents loved their children and could not see their lives without them. They were rendered speechless as a result of the sudden catastrophe that befell them.

Anyone who has been through the experience of losing a loved one is familiar with grief and sadness. It is especially heartbreaking for everyone involved when mothers and fathers are compelled to say goodbye to their young children.

A devoted couple counted their gift of four healthy and happy children as one of their greatest sources of gratitude. Their lives were turned upside down, however, when one of their cherished children unexpectedly departed suddenly.

Geoff and Akasha Balkman are fun-loving parents who have done all they can to provide their young family with the finest life have to offer. The parents gave their children an abundance of affection throughout their lives and created memories together while they raised their children.

They made it a regular part of their life to travel and experience new things as a family, and when they did, the siblings always had a great time together. The Balkman family spent time together perfecting their skills on the surfboard, skis, and skateboards.

Carson, the youngest kid of the brood, brought a unique brightness into the lives of those who loved him, and it was difficult for them to imagine a world in which he was not there.
They would spend hours on the weekends jumping on the trampoline and engaging in a variety of other enjoyable activities outside. Because everything was going so well, the Balkmans had no reason to believe that their time spent creating memories as a family of six would soon come to an end.

It was a day that the family will never forget, and that day was September 23, 2022. The parents were blissfully ignorant that a terrible event was just around the corner as they awoke eager to greet another day with their cherished children.

The couple discovered their son Carson, who was seven years old at the time, lifeless in his bed. They had no idea that anything was wrong since there were no warning signals, but ultimately they found out the horrifying truth: their little son had been suffering from an untreated kidney infection that was asymptomatic.

The little boy’s health condition ultimately led to his loss, which wreaked havoc on the Balkman family. Carson, the youngest kid of the brood, brought a unique brightness into the lives of those who loved him, and it was difficult for them to imagine a world in which he was not there.

The information that Carson’s family gave to everyone was that the youngster started skiing when he was only two years old. They went on to say that he had a passion for brown bears and baseball and that he made people laugh everywhere he went. His mum said:

“He was the most wonderful and exceptional guy I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. I don’t understand how I was given such a wonderful opportunity to be his mother.”

Even though they had lost “the light of all [the] love and joy in their life,” the family continued to be resilient. The kid was a beam of brightness, according to the child’s aunt, Stephanie Balkman, who also said, “This has been traumatic for our family, but we are suffering together.”

Because they had just recently completed their education, the little boy’s parents need as much financial assistance as they could get to cover their son’s burial costs. They wanted to provide their child with the kind of care that he deserved.

Additionally, a representative of the family requested prayers and expressions of support. A post that was made on the organization’s GoFundMe website read:

“If you feel compelled to provide a hand, please know that any money contributed to this cause will be used to cover the costs of the burial. Please also offer additional prayers for the parents and three children, who are all broken and are genuinely mourning over the loss of their loved one. Carson’s absence will be keenly felt in every way.”

By the 28th of September, more than $35,000 had been sent as a donation to help the bereaved family. Even if the financial assistance did not completely alleviate their suffering, it was comforting to know that they had the support of their community. The distraught mother posted the following on Facebook:

“The suffering that we are going through is beyond anything that can be put into words. Despite the fact that it is difficult to see any light in this darkness, we feel an overwhelming sense of thankfulness for the outpouring of love, prayers, and support from so many people all around us.”

The memorial service for Carson will take place on Friday, September 30, at the Seattle LDS Temple located in Bellevue. We would like to express our thoughts and sympathies to the family during this difficult time. I pray that the Lord gives them the ability to keep going.

When people heard about the tragedy that befell the family, many of them flocked to the internet to post messages of condolence and support. Users felt compassion for the family as they went through one of the most difficult experiences that anybody can go through:

“What a sweet little kid. I couldn’t help but smile when looking at these images of Carson when I saw him. It is really very upsetting to me.”

– (Jadeyn Glauser Miner) September 25, 2022

“I am really, very sorry for the devastating loss you have suffered. It is clear that Carson had a tremendous amount of affection for you and the rest of his family. I am sending an overwhelming amount of love your way.”

The 25th of September, 2022 (Christine Young Oakes)

“I just do not know what to say. I refuse to accept it as true. I want to express my deepest condolences to everyone who is going through this terrible ordeal. From the other side of the globe, I am thinking of you and particularly Akasha’s family and sending you all of my love, positive thoughts, and prayers.”

When a young person passes away, it always leaves a void in many people’s hearts. On May 30, a little kid from Union County, North Carolina, who had just turned 11 years old, went very unexpectedly, shattering the lives of his friends and family.

Eli Svonovec had a bright career ahead of him, and he was passionate about playing football. Unfortunately, destiny had other ideas in store. Family and friends paid tribute to the angel who had passed away, and the youth football coach, John Arthur, swore that the young man will always be a member of their fraternity.

In the brief time that they were on earth, Eli and Carson left behind a tremendous legacy. Everyone who knew and loved them will carry their memories with them for the rest of their lives.

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