It has been 20 years since the first episode of the space western series Firefly aired, and the cast is celebrating this milestone.

Tuesday, one of the stars of the Fox series, Nathan Fillion, posted a snapshot of the cast on Instagram and used the opportunity to reflect on the show’s brief run in 2002.

The actor, who is now 51 years old, opened his tweet by asking, “Has it already been 20 years?”

He stated, “I’ve spoken a lot about Firefly in my time, answered a lot of questions about it, and yet, nevertheless, I don’t have the appropriate words to respect it.” “I’ve talked a lot about Firefly in my time,” he said. “I’ve answered a lot of questions about it.” “Nothing else has provided me with as much information on my trade and the business world as has this experience. In terms of my professional life, there is nothing else that has provided me with such a stable basis. And as for love, I had no idea that working on a little television series could bring so much of it into my life.”

Fillion said, “Thank you very much to the cast. You have no clue how much of an impact you’ve had on my life. To Joss [Whedon]: Even after 20 years, I haven’t figured out how to properly thank you for all you’ve done for me. To the supporters: without you, space would be huge, frigid, and uninhabited. Because of you, the universe can serve as a home for all of us, and there is nowhere else on earth that I would rather be. For those of you who haven’t seen an episode of Firefly, we’ll catch up with you in due time. All of you, happy anniversary!”

Additionally, cast member Jewel Staite shared on Instagram some of the happy times in her life.

“Twenty years ago today, we had our first performance,” she wrote. “Our time slot was not very sparkly, and as a result, we came dangerously close to not getting a series order at all.”

She went on to say, “But we kept flying, didn’t we? We are grateful that you have made us powerful. Always and forever my family is on TV. I adore them with all of my beings, along with our other Browncoats. Best wishes on your anniversary!”

The adventures of nine crew members and passengers aboard the spacecraft Serenity in the year 2517 as they went through space were chronicled over the course of the series, which also featured Gina Torres, Alan Tudyk, and Morena Baccarin in recurring roles.

According to Screen Rant, the sci-fi television show Firefly was terminated when 11 of its 14 episodes were shown mistakenly out of sequence. Fans demanded a new beginning, but the franchise was never restarted.

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