The old adage that parents are their children’s greatest cheerleaders is absolutely accurate. However, grandparents also have the potential to be the finest cheerleaders at times. When Queen Elizabeth II found out that her granddaughter Zara Tindall had won a medal at the Olympic Games in 2012, she reportedly had the nicest response possible. This is the case for Queen Elizabeth II.

Who exactly is this Zara Tindall, anyway?

Queen Elizabeth II’s oldest grandchild is known by her name, Tindall. She is the daughter of Captain Mark Philips and Anne, Princess Royal. Her mother is the Princess of the United Kingdom.

She and her husband, a former rugby player named Mike Tindall, celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary in July of 2021.

According to Brides, Zara and Mike met for the first time at a pub in Australia in 2003 while watching the Rugby World Cup, which is appropriate considering Mike’s previous profession as a player for Bath and Gloucester.

At that time, Zara was having the time of her life in Australia while taking a gap year, and Mike just so happened to be there after being benched by his coach for the semi-final match. As a result, Mike was fortunate enough to be at the same pub as Zara at the same time she was there. To her good fortune, Zara took the time to leave her phone number with one of Mike’s buddies, who then passed it on to the rugby player.

After a period of around five months, Mike and Zara made their relationship public, and shortly after that, the athlete was introduced to Zara’s parents, Mark Philips and Anne, Princess Royal. After an additional three or four years had passed, Mike and Zara had finally taken the plunge and moved in together in Cheltenham. After more than five years of dating, the pair finally decided to take the next step and become engaged in 2010. This indicates that the choice was the correct one.

Their wedding in 2011 took place in Canongate Kirk on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile in Scotland, and despite the fact that it was an intimate ceremony, it was nonetheless a joyous occasion due to the presence of 400 guests. Another set of more recent events for Zara and Mike is the birth of their children: Mia Grace Tindall in 2014, Lena Elizabeth in 2018, and Lucas Philip Tindall in 2021. All three of their children were born quite recently. It is almost certain that these children will inherit some of their parents’ athleticism, given that the mother was an Olympic athlete and the father was a rugby player.

A combined baptism will take place in November 2021 for Lucas, who is eight months old and the son of Mike and Zara, and August, who is nine months old and the son of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank. During the same month, Mike discussed his reaction to the incident on the podcast “The Good, the Bad, and the Rugby.”

In the podcast episode that aired on Wednesday, Mike referred to the baptism of Lucas by saying, “It was a great day.”

Mike continued by saying, “I took him swimming first thing in the morning, so I guess I prepared him for (the baptism).” “He was looking forward to it quite a bit as the water began flowing out,” the narrator says.

Despite the fact that the queen was struggling with her health at the time, she made it a point to be there for the very uncommon occurrence of a royal double baptism. According to BBC News, Princess Eugenie and Zara staged a combined baptism for their kids at the Royal Lodge in Windsor. The ceremony was attended by both of their children.

While Zara’s children consider her to be the finest mother they could ever want to have, it’s possible that her late grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, thought of Zara as the most accomplished equestrian in the family. In point of fact, the queen was almost certainly her most ardent supporter.

During an interview with Sky News, Richard Griffin, who had previously served as the royal security officer for Her Majesty, recounted the precise moment when the queen had shown how pleased she was of her granddaughter. Although the queen enjoyed horseback riding, she decided against attending the Olympic competition in which her granddaughter was competing in 2012.

Griffin reminisced, “I remember once when I was up at Balmoral with her [the Queen], and Zara was participating in the Olympic Games and looked like she was going to win a medal,” and related this story.

“And I thought I was going to be flying down to Greenwich to see her go on, but the queen told me, “I’m just so terrified, I can’t face up to it.” So I didn’t end up going. Let’s simply have a picnic in the park,'” you said “he said.

Instead, the queen decided to have a picnic in a remote location with Griffin in order to focus her mind on anything other than the situation. “Therefore, we got in the car and went up to one of the mountain sides, where there was a cottage, and we had a nice lunch in the woods all to ourselves.”

However, the queen could not help but keep an eye on her cousin Tindall at that time. She just could not resist doing so. Therefore, Her Majesty requested that Griffin report back to her on how well her granddaughter fared in the tournament.

Queen Elizabeth II broke out into joyful dancing when she learned that her granddaughter Zara Tindall had been awarded a medal. This was perhaps the nicest response the queen could have given on that particular day.

“So I radioed them, found out she’d won the silver medal, and I remember the Queen just grabbing me and we were dancing around in circles on this hill in Scotland,” Griffin recalled. “So I radioed them, found out she’d won the silver medal.”

Griffin, thinking back on how that particular moment will go down as an unforgettable one, says:

“I shall carry that recollection with me for the rest of my life.”

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