Tracy McKithern, an Army Reserve Sergeant, was stationed in Iraq when she came across a malnourished dog that approached her and pleaded with her to save its life.

Erby was the new name that Tracy gave to the dog when she adopted her.

During the following several months, Erby became a source of solace and pleasure for Tracy while she was going through a difficult period.

The two quickly grew inseparable from one another!

Erby has been waiting patiently for Tracy to keep her word that she would return home once her deployment is over. Tracy reached out to “Puppy Rescue Mission,” and they arranged for a fundraiser to be held in order to pay for Erby’s journey to the United States. The reuniting of Tracy and Erby was made possible by a great number of random people. Erby was on her way to her new place when all of a sudden Tracy was summoned away for another deployment.

In this video, Tracy is shown coming back from her most recent deployment and ready to greet Erby.

Since Tracy last saw Erby seven months ago, she is aware of how much the dog has developed in that time.

She can only hold out hope that the adorable toddler would remember who she is and adore her once again.

When Erby sees Tracy exiting the airport, she immediately makes a beeline for her and smothers her in hugs, kisses, and other expressions of affection. Tracy is pleased to see the emotional response of the puppy, and she expresses her gratitude for the dog’s adoration by giving her a bear hug.

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