However, he is not your average puppy since it looks that he has a “tail” growing out of his forehead instead of his back. It is something that rescue workers have never seen before, despite the fact that the tail does not wag in the typical manner of a dog’s tail.

The fact that it looks like the horn of a unicorn inspired them to give him the name Narwhal, which translates to “the tiny delightful fuzzy unicorn.”

It seems like Narwhal has suffered some form of foot injury and will need to be treated. Tomorrow, the rescue organization will take him to the veterinarian to have x-rays taken of him, in addition to having his face and tail examined.

The rescue organization reports that Narwhal is a very cheerful and friendly dog who is doing very well. The Narwhal will not have to endure the agony of the subzero temperatures since people came to its rescue.

Mac’s Mission is a rescue organization located in Jackson, Missouri, that aids stray dogs and other creatures with urgent special requirements or injuries that, in the absence of assistance from Mac’s Mission, would be put to sleep.

Despite the fact that they focus on Pit Bulls, they will take in any breed. Because sanctuaries and other rescue organizations do not have the resources necessary to assist them, they assist all breeds of animals that have specific needs, in addition to homeless animals that have little chance of surviving.

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