It’s the season of joy, and there’s nothing that brings us greater delight than spreading that joy to the people we love, particularly our friends and family. Christmas is the season of joy. Just make an effort to give them the nicest things you can think of; you have no way of knowing how much a simple Christmas present might alter the course of someone’s life for the rest of their days.

An elderly woman’s son handed her a unique present that he had personally prepared for her on Christmas Eve, making it an evening she will never forget. She had on a Christmas cardigan, and her whole family was gathered around her on the couch, making for a really comfortable and warm day for her. It was pleasant enough, although there was certainly room for improvement.

Her grandson walked over to her as she was busily removing the wrapping paper from her gifts and presented her a wonderful red box that had a snowman on top of it. The weight of the box was the first thing that struck her, and it was obvious that she was eager to find out what was inside. In addition, when she opened the package, she physically shook with fear. It was a very gorgeous black cat.

It seems that her son understood precisely what would be the appropriate present to heal his mother’s heart, as the kind woman instantly held the cat in a loving way after receiving it. The cat was tranquil and serene as well, and he was quite nice with the new person he was living with. They had had a feeling that they were meant to be together from the moment they had their first encounter.

The name Jack was given to the black cat (perhaps from the card game Blackjack?). Her son said in another video that they had spent the previous three years of their lives together living a joyful life till the gentle grandma died away due to the effects of old age. Even though it was somewhat unfortunate, it was a blessing that Jack was there to comfort and console her throughout the latter years of her life. They should count themselves quite fortunate to have one another.

After she left, Jack was handed over to her son, who was responsible for his care. He was doing well, but he had been thinking a lot about the elderly woman he used to care for.

By Elen

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