Lily is a precocious young lady who moves to the rhythm of her very own drum. This much is made very clear by the endearing manner in which she chooses to dance.

The little girl from Ohio left an indelible mark on everyone with her smooth movements during the preschool graduation ceremony, and folks simply can’t seem to get over it.

Preschool graduation to look back on with fondness.

The movie demonstrates that children have the ability to impart a sense of joy and playfulness to any environment just by being themselves.

After all, there is no better time to act childishly than while one is still in their youth. Our children are either reserved and avoid any unwelcome attention, or they are charming extroverts who constantly manage to take the spotlight. Either way, they are a delight to be around.

Try to guess which of these categories Lily fits into.

It was obvious that she was quite comfortable dancing on her own rather than following the lead of the throng.

Made from a different fabric than the others.

Her companions are only moving their bodies in time to the beat of the music and singing along, but Lily has other things in mind.

She is off to the side in her pretty blue dress, and her hair is pulled back into a lovely bow. The girl makes the decision early on in the clip that she is going to give the dancing routines her all, and the crowd responds positively as a result.

The most important thing is to enjoy yourself.

The fact that tiny Lily seems to be having a lot of fun throughout her performance is without a doubt the most endearing aspect of her show.

A shining star by birth.

The grandmother of Lily, Mrs. Blair, says that her granddaughter enjoys both singing and dancing.

Ever since she could talk and move about on her own, she has been interested in a wide variety of arts and crafts.

Lily enjoys maintaining a sense of novelty.

At the Presbyterian Church in Lebanon, Lily and her pals are putting on a performance of the children’s song “Tooty Ta,” but the sweet little girl doesn’t quite follow the choreography as it was intended to be performed.

Grandma had the video rolling during the whole event, but she could not keep it steady due to the amount of laughing she was doing.

She was the center of everyone’s attention.

In point of fact, everyone had a good time seeing Lily’s goofy dance. When the parents were practicing with their children, we are going to presume that they did not anticipate this happening.

Lily is disregarding what the rest of the audience is doing while at the same time pulling goofy faces and dancing to her own pace.

Lily is well deserving of all the shout-outs for the humorous dose of creativity that she brought to the table.

Watch the video clip below to see her whole performance!

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