Because of the damage, she sustained in the accident, Xena the Chihuahua needed to have one of her legs amputated. She delivered both babies at the same time.

Xena has shown that she is worthy of the title of warrior lady.

After being struck by a vehicle while she was in the process of giving birth, the Chihuahua found her way to Fuzz Ball Animal Rescue in Hermiston, Oregon.

As a result of the injuries sustained in the accident, they brought the dog to the Oregon Trail Veterinary Clinic to have one of her legs removed.

Since of the size of the kid, Xena needed to have an emergency cesarean surgery because it was impossible for her to give birth vaginally.

What occurred immediately after the baby was born? On Wednesday, the dramatic end to this narrative was revealed when the rescue occurred. After undergoing surgery, the Chihuahua mother and her newborn son emerged unscathed and in good condition.

“It’s great to see that both of you are doing so well! This is a miracle of the highest kind. The rescue organization said on their Facebook page, “This mom is a fighter, and so is her baby.” “To have survived living on the streets, getting ran over, being in labor with a puppy that was too huge to come out, and then having a c-section and limb amputation while I was still in shock! They are wonders in little form.

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