Even after being abandoned or coming dangerously close to dying as a result of being abused, dogs remain very loyal and trustworthy to their human companions. This is a tale of a Golden Retriever that was found laying motionless and unresponsive at a building’s corner for many hours. Nobody knew what was wrong with him or why he continued to be miserable at that location. They were at a loss for what to do, but they were certain that Hope for Paws could provide assistance. After receiving the news, Eldad and Loreta wasted no time in making their way to the area in order to rescue the puppy.

They made the decision to surround the location since they didn’t know how the dog would react when it saw them coming. The dog showed no interest in the goodies that were presented to him, or in anything else for that matter. Anyone who looked into his eyes and saw the dread there would immediately know that something very severe was happening.

He must be a really good dog, but for some reason his behavior was peculiar, and he seemed to be so puzzled, staring blankly at the unfamiliar people who were around him. It was almost as though he could not accept the idea that he would get assistance from another person.

The dog was eventually able to leave his hiding spot after being comforted. It seemed as if he was in discomfort, yet he was so submissive that he let them pat him and eventually walked right into the trap. The group decided to call him Antonio, and they went straight to the veterinarian to have a checkup after that. Thankfully, none of his bones were fractured in the accident. A contrast-enhanced ultrasound, however, revealed that he was bleeding inside. They assumed that someone without a heart must have kicked Antonio so hard since he was transported to the operating room immediately after the incident. Both his spleen and liver were severely injured, and his spleen had to be removed because it had burst. The veterinarian warned that the dog would not have a chance of survival if the group did not bring him to the veterinarian on the same day.

Antonio had a miraculous turnaround in his health because to the wonderful care he received. Following the completion of the operation, he was driven to his foster home with The Little Red Dog. They were able to locate a permanent residence for him not long after that. Because he loves his new family so much, he stands at the front door to greet each individual member of the household whenever they return home after a day of work or school. Because Antonio is such a wonderful and deserving friend, we are providing him with the coziest sanctuary for the rest of his life.

By Elen

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