This is without a doubt the most heartbreaking tale we have ever heard in our whole lives.

This is without a doubt the most tragic tale that any of us have ever heard. The callous owners gave up on the mother and her six disabled pups and abandoned them.

After she gave birth to children who were born with disabilities, they abandoned them in the street.

There is one healthy puppy among the litter of six little pups. They have just one front leg instead of two. When the mother dog is pregnant, many people have the misconception that she will not be given any special attention.

Who could possibly have the heart to throw out puppies as cute as these on the street?

The agonizing and heartbreaking moment when a mother has to nurse her deformed pups

The unfortunate mother is humiliated in front of her adorable pups.

At long last, the grandmother of the handicapped pups have kind hearts.

The mother and all of her children who have disabilities are sent to a secure location!

A lifeguard provided amusement for the disabled pups while also watching out for their mother and ensuring their safety.

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