It has been three years since Jonathan Scott and Zooey Deschanel have been together, and his fans have been curious as to why the TV actor is delaying getting married to Zooey Deschanel despite the fact that he has a deadline he has set for himself to have a family that is rapidly approaching.

Zooey Deschanel is the one who rang the bell and let everyone know that Jonathan Scott, who was formerly considered to be one of the most eligible bachelors in the world, may no longer be available to women.

The year 2019 was when Drew Scott and Emily Deschanel introduced the duo as they were both participating in the filming of an episode of “Carpool Karaoke.” They began dating a week after Deschanel ended her marriage to Pechenik, who she had been married to before.

Pechenik eventually filed for divorce in October, but he and Deschanel continue to enjoy a friendly relationship due to the fact that they have two children together from a previous relationship. It is just one of the many things that Scott likes about Deschanel, who he relishes the chance to praise whenever it presents itself. Once, he had this to say about her:

“This is a person who I have a deep and abiding affection for on the inside.”

Scott characterized himself as a passionate guy who likes doing romantic things in unique ways, and Deschanel returns the same enthusiasm, which Scott finds fascinating. Together, they find it exciting. When Deschanel stepped over to say “hello” to Scott for the first time, he experienced the same exhilarating energy that she gave out.

She is said to have a “bounce in her stride” and a “energy about her” that caught his interest and caused him to pay attention to her. After that, they began to spend more time together, and soon, they began to resemble a power couple that would be at home on the glamorous streets of Hollywood.

After going public with their relationship for a couple of months, Scott and Deschanel were forced to stay in quarantine together owing to the epidemic. The following year, it was reported that they had acquired what would be their “permanent” house, and that they were in the process of remodeling it.

They discovered the house, which is a Georgian-style property built in 1938, while doing a cursory search of the real estate market to see what was available.

After having an up-close and personal experience with the structure, Scott referred to it as “wonderful,” and the deal was finalized when the children gave the location the name Park House due to the expansive grounds that resembled a park.

Because of this, the couple now has a place to raise their children, and everything seems to be in order. Fans have been encouraging the couple to take their relationship to the next level by pointing out that they seemed to be happy while celebrating their third anniversary together and that their connection appeared to be as solid as ever.


Just recently, Scott and Deschanel celebrated the passing of their third year together as a couple. They both went out for a good time to celebrate the momentous accomplishment, and thereafter, they each posted the identical images from their evening together on their own social media accounts.

Scott said in the caption that it was simple for him to imagine that he had spent three years with Deschanel, who he described as having a “wonderful spirit” and an extraordinary ability to make “anything better.”

Deschanel said in the caption that she got “the greatest one” and that they had spent the “most fantastic three years” together. She also called their time together “the finest three years.” In the comment area of her post, Scott wrote “straight back at ya sweetie” and attached a heart-eyes emoji to the end of his message.

The public’s reaction to the obvious affection shared by the couple in the public eye caused a frenzy. However, two words that kept popping up among the comments were “propose” and “marry.” The comments section was filled with many people expressing their admiration and congratulating the pair on their new milestone; the comments section was filled with many people expressing their admiration and congratulating the pair on their new milestone.

One person said that Scott already had a wonderful girlfriend and a gorgeous house, so the only thing that was missing was a “ring,” while another user emphatically advised Scott to “put a ring on it.”

There were demands for them to get married, and one Twitter user even asked Scott why he hadn’t placed a band on Deschanel’s finger yet, despite the fact that she did not “need a ring to feel loved.”

It was difficult for Scott to ignore the discussion given how frequent the remarks were about proposing to his girlfriend and the possibility of them getting married. He said at one point that the issue of “when are you going to put a ring on that finger?” was a persistent one for him among his devoted following.

Such a frenzy concentrated on his relationship status has provided fire for certain tabloids in the past, and at one time, they concocted stories that the TV star had caught the “wedding fever” and was about to propose to Deschanel. In the past, such frenzy has been centered on his relationship status.

When Scott made an appearance on an episode of the SiriusXM podcast “Covino & Rich” in the year 2020, he put an end to the situation. He said that they were nothing more than gossip. To quote him directly:

Before I inform a reporter about my engagement to my girlfriend, I am very certain that I will ask her to marry me.

Given how much he loves her, it is fair to say that Scott has found “the one” in Deschanel. Fans agree that Scott and Deschanel are a fantastic fit, and given how much he adores her, it is safe to say that Scott has found “the one” in Deschanel.

Before he met her, Scott had already made up his mind that he would one day have a family of his own and that he would do it with the right woman by his side. However, just in case he couldn’t find a woman who met all of his criteria, he devised a fallback strategy that would be activated when he reached a certain age. He said:

“I have stated to myself that if I don’t meet the perfect person, I think it is quite likely that I would adopt a child on my own because I believe that I would make an excellent parent.”

He has set the age of 45 as the time when he would want to begin his family, and he has promised to become a parent via adoption if he is unable to establish a biological family by that time. Although the desire to have a family was one of the most important characteristics he looked for in a partner, he was prepared to raise a child or children on his own if a suitable partner did not present herself.

Scott made the remark when he was 41 years old, and as he celebrates his third year with Deschanel, his fans can’t help but recall that he is now one year away from being 45, the age at which he previously said he would want to begin having kids of his own of his own.

Fans have high hopes that he will eventually have a family with Zooey Deschanel, and Scott helps to keep those fans’ hopes alive by doing certain activities. He once admitted that their “forever” home was constructed with their children in mind, and he expressed his wish that the house will always be in their family’s possession.

Scott doesn’t mind being a “bonus parent” to his partner’s two children from a previous marriage as he waits for his own children to be born to him and his partner. Since he started acting as their “insta-dad,” their relationship with him has strengthened dramatically.

In addition to that, he is a doting uncle to his brother, Drew, who just had a baby. He has confessed that once the kid is a bit older, he intends to dote on him to the point of becoming ridiculous.

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