The family’s terrible situation prompted a call to the veterinarian.

The mother had severe anemia, but all three of her pups were in good condition. She was given some medicine, and she was given permission to continue her recovery while she was in a sanctuary.

They are all safe, and the mother went back home after approximately a week to continue her recovery.

Even though the mother can no longer see well, she continues to enjoy life to the fullest. Her new home, which she will share with her children, will undoubtedly be the source of much joy in her life. She will without a doubt get care for the remainder of her life.

The mother is still vibrant and full of life despite the fact that she has lost her sight. Her life with her children is sure to be filled with joy now that she has moved into her new home. The rest of her life is going to be spent very thoughtfully, that much is clear.

By Elen

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