This is the video of a golden retriever’s closest friend, a little girl, being protected by the dog as she is being reprimanded by her mother. It will warm your heart.

The youngster was raised in Harry’s company, and the two of them have developed a strong connection to one another as a result.

After discovering that her brand-new face cream had been torn open and used as a toy, Ms. Sun, who was also the person operating the camera, became outraged.

“To tell you the truth, I was pretty unhappy. Ms. Sun, who is 32 years old, shared her story with MailOnline and said, “I had just purchased the cream, and half of it was already gone.” “The reason why my infant began screaming was because I was yelling at her in a really hostile manner.”

Therefore, Harry placed himself in the middle of the situation in an effort to protect the screaming child from her mother.

In addition to that, it looked like he growled at Ms. Sun in an effort to persuade her to back off. According to what she stated, she thought it to be “funny and frustrating at the same time.”

Ms. Sun said that she “lost control” of her fury the moment Harry entered the room.

Even more so, Harry put his arm over the wailing child’s shoulder in an effort to console her and calm her down.
“Even though I was still angry, I thought it was really amusing,” she said. Ms. Sun stated. “It really warmed my heart,” she said. If you take good care of your dog, he or she will discover methods to show their affection for you.

It would seem that this is not the first time Harry has intervened to safeguard the safety of his little companion.

“Whenever we spoke to her in a harsh tone, he would come over and attempt to protect her with his paws,” the mother said, “he would try to shield her with his paws.” The phrase “He would defend the kid with his life” comes to mind.

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