Dogs are certainly our best buddies. However, not all of us give these wonderful companions the kind of care they really need. There are certain persons in our world who are known to be very brutal to these creatures. This Pomeranian dog goes through the same same thing. When the little dog was five months old, his breeder decided that he was “too large to sell,” so she gave up on him and abandoned him. Thank goodness, a New York City artist named Kathy Grayson saw him on Petfinder and promptly took him in as her own pet.

Kathy has said that her eyes of Bert were the first feature that drew her in. “I took a flight to Tulsa and then drove to the town in order to pick him up; it was a fantastic journey.” “He had obviously received some special extra attention there, and the shelter was sorry to see him leave,” Grayson told Bored Panda. “The shelter was sad to see him go.”

On Instagram, Bert has amassed a following of more than 93,000 people at this point. It indicates that not only does his owner adore him, but that others do as well due to some exceptional qualities that he has.

It’s interesting to note that in his leisure time, Bert also works as an “art connoisseur” at the gallery that his owner owns called The Hole. “I really like it when people bring their dogs to the museum so that Bertie may meet them, or when they come to the gallery just to see Bertie!” The exhibit is free and available to the public; so, feel free to stop by and give him a pat, as the artist encouraged.

Kathy had the following response when asked about Bert’s phenomenal popularity on social media: “Bert is a great boy and makes people happy, the internet and social media are created for adorable animals, people need an antidote to all of the nasty things that are going on in the world.”

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