After being rescued from the side of the road near Wamego on Saturday, a stray puppy now has a brand-new home to call its own.

When employees of Coleman Electric were on their way to Manhattan, they came upon a puppy riding in the cargo area of a vehicle mover. Together with the aid of the other drivers, Matt McMillan and Steve McLean were in charge of flagging down the double-decker vehicle carrier. They were able to save the dog after they seized the car and got it to stop.

Following the successful rescue, McMillan brought the dog with them to their work site and took care of her there. The puppy is a combination of retriever and lab and is now known as Karmel. He is 4 months old.

McMillan stated, “Once we discovered her, she is the kindest canine, so she just lies there by your feet,” referring to the dog. Since she had spent the previous two days doing nothing more than sleeping, I believe it was necessary for her to get some rest in order to regain her vitality.

Crime Stoppers is increasing the amount of money they will reward anybody who provides information about the corpse that was discovered in west Wichita. McMillan, who had just lost a dog of his own, realized that he cannot live without her.

McMillan brought the puppy in to get its ears examined for a microchip on Tuesday. When they got in touch with the previous owners, the previous owners told them that they did not want her back. A Manhattan animal shelter was originally where the little dog was rescued from.

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