Tina Turner, often known as the “Queen of Rock and Roll,” is a phenomenal vocalist who shot to prominence in the 1950s. She is known for her rock and roll music. After first meeting Ike Turner in a nightclub in Manhattan when she was a stunning young vocalist, she was able to match her enthusiasm with that of the great musician.

As quickly as possible, the pair established themselves as a formidable adversary by singing and performing together under the stage name “Tina and Ike Turner.”

In addition to producing music together, the two people became more interested in one another. Despite the five-year age difference between Tina and Ike, it wasn’t long before they began a love relationship. Being captivated by her despite the fact that he was far younger than her was never an obstacle for the passionate powerhouse in their relationship.

After some time had passed, she and Ike went to Tijuana, Mexico, to do the ceremony that would officially join them as husband and wife. This was the beginning of another adventure for the famous couple.

What many people believed to be a happy marriage between two people who shared similar perspectives turned out to be the most trying time for the Queen of Rock and Roll. Tina finally came clean about the verbal and physical violence that occurred throughout their marriage after she had been divorced from Ike for many decades.

She revealed this information about her ex-aversion husband’s to conflict in the book by the same name, “My Love Story.” Therefore, each time there was even a little disagreement or he felt insulted, she was in danger of receiving a beating.

Over the course of more than a decade, this persisted. Nevertheless, in 1976, Tina came to the conclusion that she would be better off leaving the violent marriage. The divorce took place two years after the couple had first separated.

Thank goodness, Tina was given the opportunity to know love in its purest form once again. This time, however, she found comfort in the arms of a music executive by the name of Erwin Bach.

Although she had no plans to become involved in another relationship when she met Bach, he remained in her life for a sufficient amount of time, and as a result, the two of them ended up writing the most endearing love tale.

Tina, who was 47 at the time, had an experience that seemed to fit the mold of a romantic comedy when she met the man she believed to be her prince charming. Before one of Bach’s performances, the musician was supposed to pick up the guest at the airport.

Tina was struck by the music executive from EMI, who was 30 years old, as soon as she saw him because of the way he looked. Even before he had finished his first sentence, the singer got a feeling that he was something exceptional. To quote her directly:

“He had the most beautiful face of anybody. You could not miss it. My stomach did a little flip. It is a sign that two souls have connected. My hands were trembling all over. And Roger said to me, “Tina, you ride with Erwin,” and the only thing I could think to say was “Yay!”

Tina admitted that the environment was not created in a manner that should have prompted the feelings that she was experiencing. It was feasible for her to have been concerned about her performance in Germany and ignored the desire she felt for the music executive; nevertheless, this was not possible.

In her words: “Even at that time, I had the option of ignoring what I was experiencing; I could have listened to the voices in my brain that told me I didn’t look well on that particular day or that I shouldn’t even be thinking about romance since it never turns out well. Instead, I went with what my heart told me to do. I broke out of my routine and made it a top priority to get acquainted with Erwin.”

Once she was sure that she was attracted to Bach, she made a proposal for them to meet in the future in the United States, and Bach fulfilled her request. They began dating not long after that. Tina expressed the following as she was thinking back on the event:

“He was just so different, so laid back, so comfortable, and so unpretentious, and that was the beginning of our relationship,” she said. “He was just so different.”

Tina’s love for Bach has, thankfully, been returned all these years later, despite the fact that Bach did not fall in love with Tina at first sight. Nevertheless, Bach said that the cornerstone of their relationship is love for one another, and he added that it continues to flourish on the same basis. According to what he says:

“Because of love. It is something that we both possess for one another. When I talk about it, I always call it an electrical charge. I still have it. Even though it has been two hours since I left her, I am still experiencing that emotion. It’s ingrained in my soul. Regarding this, I have really positive feelings.”

Shortly after her rocky first marriage, the Queen of Rock and Roll was fortunate enough to discover a love that would endure forever. This is something that doesn’t happen to a lot of famous ladies, but she was one of the lucky ones who did.

Three years after their first meeting and throughout the course of a passionate affair, Bach made the decision to pop the question on one of her most special days: her 50th birthday.

On the other hand, Tina did not react in the manner that he had anticipated she would. Instead, she provided a statement that was unclear because she was afraid of making a commitment as a result of her history. After then, when she was thinking back on the proposal, she said:

“I responded by saying, “I do not have an answer.” There was neither a yes nor a no to the question. A marriage is a statement of ownership. I no longer wanted anything to be referred to as “mine.” That was the last straw for me.”

Bach stayed firm in his passion for the famed singer despite the unpredictability of the situation, and over three decades later, she accepted his proposal.

In 2013, the pair tied the knot at their breathtakingly beautiful villa in Switzerland. Family members and close friends, including well-known people such as Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King, donned white attire and bright grins as they joined the long-term partners for the unforgettable occasion.

Tina, the most gorgeous lady in the room, was dressed to the nines in an extravagant Giorgio Amani gown that was topped with Swarovski crystals, as was to be anticipated.

Tina was in the best of moods for this event, and she couldn’t help but be impressed by how well everything went. The artist had the following to say in reference to the event:

“I aspired to be the greatest version of myself that I could be. I wanted both my garden and my visitors to be as wonderful as they possibly could be. And indeed, they were”

In addition to that, she praised her spouse for having self-assurance in herself and her relationship. This is how the singer described him:

“a force of nature in his own right, has never been the least bit frightened by my profession, my abilities, or my celebrity,” said the other person.

Tina chose to have her wedding in Switzerland since it is also the couple’s home and has been for many years. On the other hand, the singer moved to the new nation seven years after the proposition was rejected there.

Since then, they have made the most of the lakefront property they purchased in the Zurich neighborhood of Kuesnacht. The singer calls their home “Chateau Algonquin,” and it has been described as having a “cartoon palace aura.”

The following is a description of the residence that was published in the New York Times: “The home, which overlooks Lake Zurich, has “ivy snaking up the walls, gardeners manicuring the shrubs, a life-size two-legged horse sculpture suspended from a domed ceiling, a framed rendering of Turner as an Egyptian queen, [and] a room stuffed with gilded Louis XIV style sofas.”

Tina, who stopped singing professionally in 2009, is ecstatic with the tranquility and quiet she has found in her new home in the country. The singer considers Switzerland to be her home, despite the fact that she maintains relationships with members of her family who live in the United States. According to her:

“Switzerland is a place that has given me a lot of joy, and I really do feel at home here. To put it simply, I cannot think of a more ideal location to call home.

The singer has not been coy about discussing the factors that played a role in her choice to migrate. She said that her then-boyfriend, who would eventually become her husband, resided there and that her music is more well-liked in Europe than in the United States. She said the following in an interview with Larry King:

“In Europe, I’m just as famous as Madonna. I’m as famous as the Rolling Stones in certain parts of the world.

In 2013, after obtaining citizenship in Switzerland, the artist who had previously won several awards willingly gave up her American citizenship by signing the Immigration and Naturalization Act.

One of the most influential couples in the business is Bach and Tina. They have maintained a mutually supportive connection throughout the whole of their courtship and marriage. In point of fact, the native German has shown that he is a devoted spouse whose first concern is to shield his leading lady from as much harm as is humanly feasible.

Bach has been there for Tina during the difficult times with her health. In 2016, she received the news that she had kidney cancer and was given the choice between regular dialysis and a kidney transplant. Tina wrote the following in her autobiography:

“I would have very little chance of living anything close to a normal life without the transplant. However, the likelihood of receiving a kidney from a donor was very low.”

At that point, Bach did something unprecedented; he volunteered to give her one of his kidneys to replace the one that was failing. The vocalist of “Proud Mary” reflected on the following:

“He said that he had no interest in having another life or another partner. After that, he astonished me. He reportedly expressed a desire to donate one of his kidneys to me.”

She was thankful to her lover for giving her the “gift of life,” a move which she thought demonstrated to the public how genuine their love story looked to be. The kidney transplant was successful, and she expressed her gratitude to her beau.

Tina echoed the sentiments of everyone else when she said that she felt “glad, elated, and grateful that we’d gotten through this alive.” But sadly, not long after this event that altered the course of her life, the Queen of Rock and Roll lost her first child, Craig Turner.

Before she started dating Ike, she already had a son named Craig from a prior relationship. However, Ike became his adoptive father. Sadly, it was reported that he had committed himself by shooting himself in the head in the year 2018.

The singer never stops thinking about her baby and has described the traumatic event as the “saddest time” of her life. Tina once published a picture of herself being comforted by Bach in the aftermath of a d.e.a.t.h in the family.

A statement that accompanied the image read: “My most heartbreaking experience to date as a parent On the evening of Thursday, July 19, 2018, I met with my family and friends to disperse my son Craig Raymond Turner’s ashes off the coast of California. It was the last time I would see or speak to him. Even though he was fifty-nine years old when he passed away in such a sad manner, he will always be my baby.”

Bach has been unwavering in his love for the singer, even during the most difficult times, and he has not allowed her troubles or her star position to come between them.

Tina said in 2019 that her long-term boyfriend still writes her the most beautiful letters and always manages to say just the right thing. She posted a picture of her and Bach looking all smitten with one another along with the following caption:

“Erwin and I have been together for almost 30 years, and even after all this time, he still takes the time to send me love letters. Isn’t that sweet?”

Bach and Tina are living proof that real love can be found in the real world, away from rom-coms and Hollywood. Despite the fact that they are different in age, ethnicity, and background, they have managed to maintain their unbreakable bond.

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