Wedding expenses are high. Everyone who has attended one or has been a bride or groom is aware of it. Nerd Wallet estimates that the typical wedding costs a couple close to $29,000. That expense also increases by almost yearly. When it came to reducing wedding expenses, one woman made the decision that she wanted to take things into her own hands.

One bride called Laura made the choice to take on a responsibility that most brides would have delegated to a hired expert. She made the independent decision to design and prepare her ideal wedding cake. The bride posted videos on her TikTok of the whole baking and decorating process. TikTok is a platform where internet users may record, edit, and produce videos of any kind for public consumption. The bride got to work after purchasing five boxes of Betty Crocker cake mix. She prepared the dessert by creating multiple round cakes and freezing them till less than 24 hours before her wedding.

The majority of ladies unwind the night before their wedding; however, one bride used her last hours of independence to frost her own wedding cake. The multi-tiered tiers of her cake had been iced, and now it was time for the finishing touches. The Saxes was written on a sign Laura affixed to the very top of her decorated cake, which she then coated with sprinkles of various colors.

The bride’s whole baking experience was recorded from beginning to end, so the internet had a lot to say about it. Over 3.9 million people have seen and liked the bride’s TikTok video.

To see the whole video, be sure to read this article through to the conclusion.

The bride acknowledges in the TikTok video that making a wedding cake the night before her nuptials wasn’t the smartest idea she’s ever had. While portraying a wedding cake designer, she claimed that she “never frosted a cake in my life.”

She stepped back and took in her accomplishment as she finished the tiered sprinkle cake. “That’s it! I love it, “In her video, the bride stated.

Her video generated millions of views and many comments, which gave the internet plenty to say. How lovely!, said Betty Crocker’s official TikTok account. You did well!

Is this a joke? Because it appears more like a birthday card, a TikTok user asked. Along with the negative remarks, there were a lot of supportive ones as well. One thoughtful online user said, “People are so cruel. I don’t recall anyone’s wedding cake from the occasions I attended. All that counts is if you are satisfied with it. You have the day! Congrats!”

A another user of TikTok said, “Some of these comments need to calm down. She may order whatever kind of cake she wants since it’s her wedding. I find it adorable and original.

Because of the fondant, one commenter acknowledged that Laura’s cake certainly tasted better than some expensive wedding cakes! The frosting known as fondant is used to cover cakes and other baked items. They said on Laura’s video, “Guarantee it tastes 100 percent better than any dry, thick, fondant covered “professional” wedding cake I’ve ever tasted.”

Despite conflicting online assessments, the bride Laura was ultimately quite pleased with her finished result.

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