There are many individuals in every region of the globe who are willing to sacrifice everything for the creatures they care about. They take great satisfaction in the fact that they may serve as a model for individuals all across the globe.

In this article, we are going to discuss a group of people who have a passion for dogs and who have been recognized as heroes for their efforts in saving the lives of 27 dogs. They are seen in front of a little farm with 27 pups in a video that has gone viral.

There was a story going about that these 27 pups were going to be sent to the butcher. On the other side, these three ladies came to their aid in the most angelic manner possible during the most heroic rescue operation.

The footage was uploaded on the internet by Cassandra Bergern, who was one of the ladies responsible for the rescue. The footage depicts vignettes from the rescue mission, which took about half an hour to complete, flying from Alabama to Florida.

Try to guess how many abandoned pups we were able to save. Captions were provided for the video. A number of happy canines can be seen wagging their tails and squeezing in close to the people who rescued them in the footage.

There have been 13.5 million individuals in all who have seen the video.

Cassandra said that she was at the peak of her happiness and had no desire to go from the location. Throughout it all, she maintained a constant smile on her face.

The fact that Cassandra got a phone call from a friend who asked her to save the pups and that call being the catalyst for the rescue.

These pups were on their way to being put down as the facility was becoming more and fuller with new residents.

Cassandra and two of her other traveling companions embarked on a journey to rescue an uncountable number of lives.

They spoke with the photographer and lecturer Mishael Yung, who works at the University of Central Florida.

Because he had rescued more than 7,000 pups from shelters during his time as a volunteer with Alabama Puppy Rescue Flights, he was the ideal person to contact in this situation.

The lives of twenty-seven lovable pups were saved because to the concerted efforts of all of these individuals. They were sent to a few different shelters in the Orland area. Since then, every single one of the puppies has found a forever home.

I am grateful to you ladies for taking care of the puppies in your charge.

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