The birth of a brand-new baby into the world is a cause for celebration and gladness. When Amira Yvonne Glenn was born to Taveon Glenn and Sierra Still, everything was the same as it had always been. Amira emerged very immediately as the focal point of their existence. Taveon is a first-time father, and like any other new parent, he felt the need to document as much of the experience as he could.

In the hospital, Taveon filmed a nurse giving Amira her first bath, which included cleaning her hair. The event was captured on video.

Although some infants are born with very little or no hair, Amira had a full head of hair from the moment she was born.

The nurse was aware that Amira would need to wash out her gorgeous hair when she washed it for the first time since she had to bathe Amira for the first time. Taveon videotaped the baby taking a bath so that he could show his family members, including his recently married parents and his grandparents, what they were missing. It was a blessing for Taevon and Amira that she enjoyed taking baths.

Amira cannot help but relax and take pleasure in having her hair washed with shampoo while it is being administered by a nurse from Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio. Amira will sometimes relax by closing her eyes and even make the motion of opening her lips into a grin when she does this. During their conversation, the nurse does an excellent job of putting Amira at ease.

The nurse inquires, “Is that comfortable for you?” Amira quickly flashes the nurse a grin, which draws the attention of the attending nurse. The nurse gives a response “Ohhhh, hello.”

This is the kind of cute young girl who, when she’s older, is going to look forward to being treated like a princess.

Amira enjoyed the head massage that the nurse gave her while they were applying the shampoo to her hair, but as soon as the nurse began rinsing the shampoo out of her hair with water, Amira’s face lit up like she had died and gone to paradise. It does not escape the attention of the nurse, and she informs Amira about it.

Oh, you are having so much fun!

The nurse doesn’t waste any time and grabs the baby brush to begin combing Amira’s hair. The moment the brush is placed on Amira’s head, she immediately shuts her eyes and gives the appearance that she is going to fall asleep. However, as soon as the nurse begins to speak, Amira once again opens both of her eyes. She was not intending to go to sleep; she was just enjoying having her hair combed out.

When you view the complete video that follows, do your best not to acquire baby fever yourself.

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