Nobody wanted a dying 16-year-old dog from the shelter, but one family took a chance on him nevertheless.

Bear, a German shepherd mix who was 16 years old and was suffering from dermatitis when he was rescued from a shelter and taken in by an experienced foster parent, was brought in by the foster parent. After legally changing his name to Norman, he gradually began to restore his previous good looks and prominence. “Norman is almost deaf, so he didn’t really realize that I changed his name,” remarked Norman’s new mother when asked about the name change.

When she writes about her experience fostering animals from a shelter in North Houston, she says, “They [the shelter] know my weakness is that the senior dogs.” The least that I can do is provide these people who have been abandoned with a warm place to sleep, some food, and some TLC. TLC. In return, they instill in me a heightened feeling of gratitude and a renewed sense of direction in my life.

The change of Norman Bear was documented on video from the moment he arrived at the shelter until he was healthy again.

As she continues, she says, “Fostering for a shelter is incredibly challenging, but I try to concentrate on the positive and know that I’m doing everything I can.” In the case of Norman, she expresses her gratitude by stating, “Norman has taught me a lot.” I have a dream that one day everyone will experience the unconditional love of an old dog. She shared with the DogHeirs community, “I adore my Norman/Bear.”

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