Two years ago, Pakita, a dog, escaped from her house and never returned. Her owner, Ariel Nawayra, never stopped looking for his four-legged friend and never gave up hope of finding him.

Pakita was someone who lived on the streets. Once the volunteers at the animal shelter spotted the puppy, it was only natural for them to take her in and care for her. She was unhappy, and no one wanted to accept her; everyone favored younger dogs instead. No one wanted to adopt her. Although Sylvia Ferreira had been providing her with unrestricted care during this whole period, they had not been able to locate her just yet.

Ariel has chosen a favorite among them all at last.

You had to be there to see that moment because it is so poignant; at first, the dog didn’t identify his previous master, but then he realized that he could still smell the oldest fragrance on the world.

By Elen

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