While litter employees from the Indiana Department of Transportation were cleaning up an Indiana roadway, they came upon an unexpected but charming find.

Members of the group were cleaning up trash when they came across a tiny puppy that was standing by itself on the side of the road.

They took a few selfies with the sociable puppy before transferring him to a secure location.

The images were published on the Facebook page of the Indiana Department of Transportation, and one of the crew claimed that he had carried the puppy home and that he would have him checked for a chip as quickly as possible.

It is not known if the puppy had belonged to someone and was lost, or whether it was born a stray from the beginning. On the side of the road with no food or water, he wouldn’t have survived for much longer. Thankfully, he is now secure and out of harm’s way, which is a good thing since he is no longer in danger.

In the event that the puppy does not have a microchip and its owner cannot be located, it will be made available for adoption or one of the members of the team will adopt it!

By Anna

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