Mrs. Duffy, Teddy the Cockapoo’s human mother, sensed that something was awry when her pet raced into the room and began to loudly bark as soon as she did. After following the dog downstairs, she discovered that her elder son was watching television, but her younger son, Riley, who has Down syndrome and is five years old, was nowhere to be found. After that, Teddy began to make a frantic dash at the dryer, dashing in both directions.

Duffy couldn’t see what was going on inside the tumble dryer since it was pitch black, but she did hear loud pounding and saw Riley’s iPad whirling around. She quickly opened the dryer door, took her kid out of the dryer, and then began to pour cold water over him. Aaron, Riley’s father, arrived home a few seconds later and immediately brought his son into the shower with him, where he poured cold water over him and then called an ambulance. It had been a few minutes since the youngster had been placed in the dryer, and if it weren’t for Teddy’s yelping, it’s possible that he would have passed away.

Riley had some cuts and bruises, but other than that, she seemed to be in quite decent health. Actually, this was the second time in the last two months that Teddy had sent a warning of impending peril to the family. An iPhone charger had caught fire earlier, which prompted him to start barking. It’s possible that her family’s well-being is being watched after by this dog.

Have you ever needed your dog to come to your family’s rescue? Do you believe that your puppy would be able to tell you if there was anything wrong? Share your thoughts with us in the section below!

By Elen

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