At I Love My Pet Dog, it is our goal to serve as a voice for the creatures that depend on us the most. Dogs kept as pets are sadly subjected to a variety of forms of neglect, cruelty, and abuse in a distressingly high number of homes today. This saga is meant for Odin. Right now, we are his voice.

Odin spent his time in this world living on a breeding ranch in Mississippi. He was held hostage through the most barbaric of ordeals. Just take a look at this innocent dog’s pitiful face.

He was restrained by a chain and forced to spend all of his time outside in the open air, regardless of the season or the climate. It was incomprehensibly awful.

Odin was infected with mange and had open wounds all over his body. He suffered from acute malnutrition and was infected with blood-sucking parasites in his digestive system and heartworm. Even his teeth were ruined.

Regardless of what you may believe, Odin is an authentic Alaskan Malamute. Does he look like any of them?

The kind individuals who donate their time at Southern Pines Animal Sanctuary and Southern Cross Animal Rescue of Mississippi were taken aback when they learned about Odin. They didn’t waste any time and took things into their own hands, rescuing Odin from his agonizing predicament in the process.

They were overjoyed to have actually managed to save Odin, but they could not believe that he had gotten to this point of illness in the first place. How, exactly, is it possible for someone to be so cruel to a loving and defenseless animal?

When Odin was taken into the hands of the rescue organization, they were aware that he would need extensive medical treatment and that it would take him some time to recover. They arrived at the veterinary center for animals as quickly as they could. In the same manner, the rescue team sought a temporary home for Odin as quickly as they possibly could. They were aware that after he was released from the hospital, he would need a nurturing environment in which he could recover before he could return home.

It was decided that Sydney Schelkopf would be his foster mother. The following is what Sydney reported to The Dodo:

“Poor Odin looks as if he had just been extracted from a difficult situation. He was underweight, almost bald, covered with wounds, his teeth were chipped and fragmented, and he had a severely compromised immune system. Due to the terrible skin illnesses he had, he had an unpleasant odor about him. Basically, everything that could go wrong did go wrong because of this awful person!

In addition to this, Odin had no idea how to behave like a dog. “I honestly do not know if Odin had ever been inside a home before,” Sydney said. “I do not know whether Odin had ever been inside a house before.” “He poked his nose all about the whole house, and he kept looking at me as if to ask, ‘What’s the catch?’ After I had him for a few weeks, he would simply stand there stocking a location. I tried everything, but I couldn’t get him to act like a “regular companion dog” or play with toys.

Nevertheless, Sydney did not give up completely. She was aware that Odin’s happiness could be achieved, but she also understood that, like to achieve everything else, it would take time. As the days went on, Sydney and Odin became more and closer linked to one another. There was a successful creation of love, notwithstanding Sydney’s failure as a foster mother.

Sydney recalls, “The second night I had brought him home, he was able to take on sufficient responsibility to find his way into bed with me.” “He went into the bed and then simply dumped his skinny body on me. He gazed up at me with such genuine eyes, and he sighed in such a compassionate manner as he greeted me.” I realized that Odin had at long last arrived at the destination he had been seeking.

There was still a significant amount of healing that needed to be done on Odin. On the other hand, as each day went by, he became more and healthier both physically and mentally. both in terms of the mind and the body. Additionally, he began to take on the appearance of a dog! a really nice one indeed, to top it all off!

And just like that, in the blink of an eye, Odin began to take on the appearance of an Alaskan Malamute!!! Do you believe that this is a coincidence involving a canine? Simply going to show what the right care (together with a great lot of love) can achieve!

There are certain challenges that Odin must yet overcome, but his FOREVER mother is confident that very soon he will be able to put them all behind him entirely.

“He is presently undergoing treatment for heartworms, which has been a significant struggle,” noted Sydney. “We enjoy some days of success, but we also experience other days of failure. When we are through with all of the therapy for the heartworms, we will most likely have some rehabilitative surgical repair done on his teeth. Unfortunately, a lot of them are in poor condition, and also we are going to do all in our power to get them in as good of shape as possible!”.

“Odin is such a fun, loving, and crazy person to be around. He has reached the point where he is completely used to living a pampered lifestyle.

And it is just the kind of music that we would want to hear! Take a look at this amazing transformation. Wow!

By Anna

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