When they meet their people, dogs usually let forth loud yips of excitement. Nevertheless, your four-legged pal will behave as if they haven’t seen you in years and will make the situation into a spectacle even if you were only gone for a few of minutes. Nevertheless, these responses are not premeditated; rather, they have developed organically.

In any case, nothing can compare to the response of this 9-year-old Schnauzer when she saw her mother again after being separated from her for a few years. The dog, whose name is Casey, hasn’t seen her owners in more than two years, and the instant her human mother wraps her into her arms, the dog becomes a bit too thrilled about seeing them again. The puppy is overcome with happiness, and it gives the appearance that she is about to pass out.

Rebecca Ehalt has just just returned to the house she shares with her family in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, after spending more than two years in Slovenia. She is about to become reacquainted with her dog, Casey, at this very moment. The puppy is the only one who exhibits a response to Rebecca’s appearance that is completely unexpected.

Casey runs up to welcome her as soon as she becomes aware of her presence; yet, she is so enthusiastic that she may even growl at her. In addition, after a very short period of time, the dog’s uncontrollable delight causes him to pass out. The incident caught everyone by total and utter surprise, and immediately after it, the lady began to worry about. Casey, thankfully, did not suffer any injuries.

Rebecca said that the dog didn’t even make a barking sound; rather, it sounded more like a constant squeaking. “We had no idea that she would pass out, but thankfully, she is alright at this point.”

Rebecca posted a video of the touching scene she captured on her website after she shared it online. Even if it’s a touch dated, the video has already received over 50 million views!

“It’s very true to life. Miha Svetina, Rebecca’s husband, commented to WTAE on how adorable it is. “There are a great many events taking on all around the globe. People truly become delighted when they see something that is so wonderful, and dogs are just amazing.

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