The Myrtle Beach fire station dispatchers received a call from a woman who needed assistance because she was experiencing acute abdominal discomfort. Mark Hadden and his team rushed to the call, having no idea that they would be delivering a child in a matter of minutes.

When rescuers arrived on the site, they realized they didn’t have time to get to the hospital. Mark took on a serious mission: he personally assisted in the birth of the girl. And he had no idea he was holding his future daughter while the girl was in his arms. The woman in labor declared the same day that she would leave the child in the hospital because she was homeless and didn’t need it.

Mark and his wife raised two sons and had a large, strong family. However, due to their health issues, they were unable to have children and were considering adoption. The couple regarded Grace’s emergence as a true gift of fate.

The social service went to visit the family, and the daughter was taken home two days after the forms for adoption were submitted. Parents have never kept their daughter’s appearance from them. The older sons adore their sister and make every effort to be there for her, to assist her, and to protect her. Mark and Beth, on the other hand, are overjoyed to have such a great daughter.

By Elen

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