Mo and her husband, Lee, relocated their family and went to Alaska to launch their business, which they named “Mo Mountain Mutts.” The company provides a number of services related to canine care, including dog walking, training, and pet sitting.

In addition to having a degree in the field of psychology, Mo is an expert in the field of training puppies and exercising trail dogs. In addition to that, she finds the job to be really fulfilling.

“The most enjoyable aspect is when dog owners see the potential that their dog has and what the dog is capable of. “It brings me so much joy when a person can see their dog flourish and acquire self-assurance,” she added. Amazing!

Watch as they all sit there, politely and calmly, while they are taken on the doggie bus from one excursion to the next and then back home again…

“We kindly ask that you stay seated until we get to your home and that you keep your tails out of the aisles…”

Click on the video to see these funny moments:

By Anna

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