There are a lot of dogs who have a fear of loud sounds, particularly thunderstorms. Puppies are confused about the source of the noise and just want it to go away. Some dogs choose to take cover beneath beds or chairs, or even in the bathroom or the laundry room if there are loud sounds nearby.

The video of one of these pups seeking a safe haven inside his owner’s house after trying to escape a rainstorm went viral when the puppy managed to find shelter there. When the owner went looking for the Golden Retriever in the laundry room, he discovered the dog curled up in a sleeping position next to the dryer.

This poor puppy was afraid, but thankfully, a youngster with a kind heart tried to comfort him. The image shows the little child sitting close to his dog friend as he is dressed in a diaper. He comforts him by petting him, patting him on the back, hugging him, and speaking words of reassurance to him.

The amazing video of one minute’s duration was uploaded to Twitter, where those who like canines gushed and cheered.

By Elen

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