A courageous lady has made headlines after performing an astounding act of love and bravery by practically bringing her pet dog over the border from war-torn Ukraine.

Alisa Teptiuk, 35, had already suffered a big setback before the war. On February 23, two days before Russia invaded Ukraine, she lost her father.

As Russian forces moved in, she was compelled to collect her belongings and find a way out of the country while grieving and preparing for her father’s death.

“While many people were fleeing Kyiv, my husband and I were attempting to comb through funeral documentation from all around the city so that we could bury Dad,” she adds.

“We went from morgue to funeral home to prosecutor’s office to registry office to morgue to the funeral home to morgue to the funeral home.” Tanks drove through the city, sirens blaring from all sides.”

As a programmer for a German company, Teptiuk was lucky in that her supervisor assisted her in arranging travel arrangements to Poland.

So she packed her husband, seven other family members, and two large dogs into a compact Peugeot 307 and drove the approximately 100 miles to the Ukraine border.

The family arrived in a little village after 16 hours on the road, with just over 10 kilometers to go before reaching Poland.
Teptiuk explains, “We chose to leave the area later in the morning since it was unsafe even there.” “We couldn’t remain in the vehicle for the next three—or five—days near the Polish border, so we decided to walk the final 17 kilometers (10.5 miles) to the border.”

“We departed at 4 a.m. when it was minus seven degrees outside.” It was a challenging journey via mountains and rivers. The cold had made my children weep. I wanted to weep as well, but I couldn’t give up…going to the border was my idea.”

One of her dogs immediately began to suffer. Puyla, a huge 12-year-old German shepherd, had trouble walking and would periodically fall down and not be able to get back up.
Teptiuk would pull over to the side of the road and seek help, but the already overloaded passengers were unable to accommodate them and even suggested that they leave the dogs behind.

The loving mother and her family couldn’t comprehend such behavior, even as the aged dog struggled to move on its own.

Teptiuk explains, “We couldn’t abandon her.” “After a lifetime with us, Pulya is family…she is elderly and grey.” She was about four months old when we got her on the first day of my maternity leave.”

“She’s shared our joys and sorrows.” She loves and understands us, and we adore her and will do all in our power to protect and care for her. Nobody could persuade us to leave Pulya behind. We didn’t think about it since it was impossible.”

Instead, Teptiuk and her husband took turns carrying the ill animal the remaining 10 kilometers to the Ukrainian border on their shoulders. Later, the brave act was captured on video and shared on social media.

“I snapped a picture without giving it any thought,” Teptiuk explains. “I guess I was simply trying to capture the moment.” But now I see how unique it is. It demonstrates our love and dedication to the rest of the globe. We’re simply a regular family that loves one another.”

Teptiuk and her family, as well as their pet Pulya, who has been their “one constant in all of this crazy,” arrived safely at the border.

Despite this, they have a long way to go. She continues, “A lot of my pals are still in Ukraine, in Kyiv.” “Some of them are hiding in bunkers with little children in Kharkiv. “I can’t image how they’re feeling right now.”

By Anna

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