A little, ailing dog lived in a garage behind an apartment building in St. Louis, where it was kept safe from the elements.

Local homeowners had been tossing out-of-date items and furniture into the garage all this time, completely oblivious to the presence of a furry occupant.

And Chowder, despite his accustomed way of life, longed for a miracle.

Fortunately for Chowder, a miracle occurred once in his life – one rainy day, he was recognized by a compassionate stranger.

It was surprising to him how much Chowder believed him after he fed and watered him: “I was startled at how much Chowder trusted me.”

“As soon as I got close enough, Chowder came out to greet me. He’s a really nice man who makes you feel welcome. He was relieved that someone had shown kindness to him,” the man explains.

The father also contacted Stray Rescue for assistance in caring for Chowder, and one of their volunteers responded immediately to pick up the puppy.

They were successful in delivering him to the refuge since he had placed his trust in them.

When Chowder was being transported by automobile, he wrapped his arms around the volunteer, perhaps thanking her from the bottom of his heart.

After arriving at the shelter, this youngster began to open up even more — he was so overjoyed to have been saved that it could be seen in his eyes.

Veterinarians discovered a severe eye infection in the dog and immediately began treatment to restore his vision.

When Chowder had recovered a little and had gotten rid of the tension, he was transferred to his temporary residence.

He is a great, well-mannered, caring youngster who is really appreciative of everything in his life.

After everything he has been through, he has been granted a second chance at life, and he now lives in perfect safety and love.

As soon as the baby is fully recovered, they will begin the process of finding him a forever home.

By Anna

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