Lana’s doghouse was out the front of the house, and Schaumloeffel decided to buy her a big blanket to keep her warm on a cold winter day.

Her realization of Lana’s magnificent gesture of generosity didn’t occur to her until the next morning. Because of a stray puppy on the opposite side of the fence, she put her own comfort aside.

In the middle of a frigid winter night, Lana had hauled her blanket outdoors so she could share it with a stray dog.

According to Schaumloeffel, she had seen the stray near their home the day before, but he had run away when she attempted to check him for an ID tag on him.

“I thought, ‘How sweet what she did for her friend,'” Schaumloeffel said in an interview with The Dodo, despite the fact that he didn’t appear to be running away from her.

“My dearest four-legged friend has reminded me of something really important: kindness!” says the author.

Even though they haven’t been allowed to get close to the stray, they have been leaving him food and water, just as Lana would if she were in the position to do so.

Her owner says, “She is the sweetest little dog I’ve ever come across.” We sometimes lose sight of the fact that we can make a difference in someone’s life from time to time. This was brought to my attention by her.”

By Anna

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