When Hailey Lacek of Kalispell, Montana, began planning her wedding to Ethan Carvey, she had one dream for her big day: she wanted it to be perfect.

Jose Guzman has been a part of Hailey’s life from the day she was born. Despite the fact that they are not connected by blood, he has served as a grandpa figure in her life, guiding her through every step of the way. Hailey had meant for him to be the one to escort her down the aisle, but destiny had other ideas.

Jose, whom Hailey refers to as “papa,” was a significant person in her life, according to her. She and Ethan had planned to tie the wedding in May of 2022, but they got devastating news about Jose’s health in March of this year. His prostate cancer had spread to his spine and liver, as well as to his lungs. His chemotherapy treatments had likewise failed to produce results. Jose and his family had to come to terms with the truth that he was dying, and that he would most likely not live to witness Hailey’s wedding in May, as they had previously anticipated.

When the young bride realized she would be being married without her dad there, she broke down in tears. She quickly began thinking of methods to bring the wedding ahead in time, enlisting the assistance of staff members at Kalispell Logan Health. The medical staff sprang into action and managed to pull together a bedside wedding ceremony in less than 24 hours!

“We wanted to make sure that anything we could do on our end, to bring them with some pleasure at this difficult time in their lives; we wanted to do that for them,” said Tracia Deal, Kalispell Logan Health’s senior spiritual care coordinator.

Jose’s ICU room was transformed into a temporary wedding venue thanks to the generosity of Logan Health, who brought cake, cider, and decorations. The moment Hailey walked into Jose’s room in her bridal gown, surrounded by a small group of relatives and friends, Jose sprang to his feet and burst out laughing. Before saying “I do,” the bride gave him a hearty embrace and kissed him on the cheek.

The wedding was performed by Reverend Tracia Deal, chaplain at Logan Health. Jose even had the opportunity to sign the wedding certificate as a witness for the couple!

Hailey admits that she would have been crushed if Jose hadn’t been able to attend her wedding ceremony. When she arrived at the ceremony, she wore his favorite hat, which she will treasure long after her father has passed away. She is really thankful to the hospital for granting her desire and making her dream come true.

These hospital employees worked really hard to ensure that Hailey’s family and friends could be there for her special day. We’re thrilled that Jose was able to attend his daughter’s wedding.

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