A tragic call from Animal Aid about a dog suffering in the middle of the road prompted them to get to her aid as swiftly as possible. Throughout this whole process, they attempted to keep their hope.

Those rescuing her reasoned that if so many dogs were in such a serious state and survived, then she too would live.

But she wasn’t even aware that she was unconscious. What a helpless youngster!

Veterinarians attempted all they could to rescue him. As soon as she returned to the rescue facility, she was evaluated by a doctor. She maintained a semi-conscious state. Although no bone fractures were discovered throughout the test, the findings of the neurological assessment were less than satisfactory.

But will she be able to make it? The two of them were unsure at the moment, but they were determined not to give up!

Sona was her name, and she was the victim of a severe brain injury. Despite the fact that her injuries was minor, she was attended to. Then they started a drip and started administering the nutrition and antibiotics that were needed.

On the third day, a great volunteer made an unsuccessful attempt to get her to eat. She really wanted to eat, but she couldn’t since she couldn’t swallow correctly. Fortunately, on the sixth day, she had improved her ability to swallow, albeit she was still unable to hold her head on her own.

The tenth day had passed, and she was strolling by herself. It was evident that she still had a long way to go in her development. Everyone, however, recognized her as a woman of strength and determination.

Despite the fact that Sona’s brain damage were serious, doctors believe she will be able to recover. This tiny kid has a tremendous amount of strength. She was a source of inspiration for everyone around her!

After six weeks, she was able to take her first steps on her own two feet. She was not going to give up!

She is still stumbling about a few weeks later, but she is tremendously strong and is walking with ease. She is raised by a loving family and enjoys playing and, of course, cuddling. She even has a soft spot for kittens!

We have a great deal of admiration for her and her rescuers! If you found this article useful, please forward it to your friends and relatives.

By Elen

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