Meet Iris Grace, a 7-year-old autistic child whose exquisite artworks caused a commotion on the Internet for a short period of time. She drew a lot of attention not just because of her paintings, but also because of the tale that led up to her accomplishment.
Given that Iris has a medical problem, she will require the assistance of a caregiver, at least during her early childhood. Despite the fact that she had almost given up on the quest, one day her parents brought home a nice kitten, and the two became fast friends. Thula was the tiny furry friend at the time, and she was a nearly one-year-old Maine Coon at the time.

Maine Coon cats are renowned for their intelligence and compassionate demeanor, and Thula does not deviate from this standard. Despite the fact that she has been a great benefit to Iris, her mother, Arabella Carter-Johnson, has stated that “Thula has lessened daily stresses in life and kept Iris peaceful,” but that she has also had the impact of encouraging her to be more social. She will begin to speak more to Thula, using simple phrases such assist cat.”

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“Whatever activity we are engaged in, Thula is present and eager to lend a hand and participate.”

“… she offers Iris her companionship and friendship, and she encourages me to encourage Iris to socialize with other people.”

“Iris has gone through a phase where she despises taking baths and having her hair washed during the previous year. Thula has started climbing into the bathtub with Iris and even allowing me to shampoo her in order to assist Iris,” says the author.

Iris has a much easier time going through her days as a result of Thula’s assistance.

Iris is always joined by Thula during art workshops.

Iris was sent to Equine therapy, but she didn’t seem to be interested in horses at the time. ” It was at that point that I began to consider a therapy dog.”

“Iris and the dog didn’t get along – Iris didn’t like being licked or having her tail wiggled, and the dog’s hyperactivity would make her feel uncomfortable.”

After that, Iris’s mother attempted cat therapy, but the first effort was unsuccessful. Iris and the cat were not on speaking terms.

Just when she was about to give up, good fortune knocked on her door. Iris was contacted by her brother’s girlfriend, who needed a home for her cat to stay in for the Christmas holidays. Iris and the lovely Siberian cat became fast friends.

“It was at that point that I recognized I simply hadn’t discovered the proper animal yet.” So it took a long time and a lot of trial and error trying out numerous choices before we were able to get at our destination.”

Despite the fact that Thula was not a therapy cat, it is possible that Maine Coon cats are simply natural healers: “Thula is not a certified service or therapy cat, but I have prepared her for certain situations – I started by getting her used to wearing a harness when she was a kitten, as well as riding in the car and on the bike. “The rest she takes care of on her own.”

Thula will undoubtedly follow Iris wherever she goes. Let us wish them a long and happy married life.

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