This beautiful story will undoubtedly melt your heart, as it demonstrates just how devoted and caring these lovely animals, dogs, really are.

Easton Dufur, the dog’s owner, shared a heartwarming tale about his two gorgeous Labradors, Cookie and Stitch, on the social networking site, along with a picture of the two dogs.

It was a photograph of a dog’s feeding dish with a half-eaten piece of food in the background. After Easton explained the heartwarming cause behind his dog’s action, the story went viral, and a large number of people expressed their emotions by leaving emotional comments under the picture.

These two amazing canines built a special and close bond throughout the years.

As soon as Cookie became a member of their family, Stitch taught his sister how to share their meals since they had to eat everything from a single dish.

The younger Cookie was taught by her older brother how to consume their meal while giving the remainder to the older brother over a short period of time. Cookie picked up on it very fast, and ever since then, she has made it a point to set aside half of her meal for her pal.

Sadly, destiny separated the two closest friends one day and forcibly separated them from one another. Unfortunately, Stitch has departed this planet, leaving his buddy alone in the process. Cookie, on the other hand, was deeply affected by her brother’s absence; she longed for him desperately.

They were very devoted to one another and showed one other a great deal of affection and love.

After that day, Easton reduced the amount of food on the plate, leaving barely enough for Cookie to eat. But the devoted dog continued to eat as she usually did, consuming just half of the meal and leaving the remainder for her brother.

Cookie was still waiting for Stitch to arrive and finish his half of the meal, which was difficult to see. Despite the fact that Cookie’s dear companion had passed away, he continued to live on in her heart.

It’s really difficult to lose a loved one, yet life goes on anyway. Hopefully, Cookie will soon learn to live on her own and deal with the suffering she is experiencing.

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