Luna Fenner was born with a congenital melanocytic nevus, a large birthmark in the style of a Batman mask, when she was six months old. She spent a significant amount of time in hospitals and clinics back home in the United States. Doctors were concerned that the birthmark might progress and become melanoma. When the infant needed treatment, they provided it to him, but their family couldn’t afford it because of the expense of the surgeries.

Pavel Popov, a Krasnodar-based oncologist surgeon with more than 20 years of expertise, discovered about our heroine’s tale via various social media platforms. He got in touch with Luna’s family and proposed an alternate plan for carrying out the procedures. Luna’s family agreed.

Luna’s mother encouraged her not to go to Russia since she did not have confidence in the ability of Russian physicians. Nevertheless, the mother’s love for her daughter outweighed any fears, and she chose to take advantage of the opportunity to give Luna a complete life.

Dr. Popov estimated that the child would need six to eight procedures, each of which would cost $25,000, and that the therapy would take a year and a half to complete.

Treatment at the Krasnodar facility was a success throughout the first phase of the program. Two photodynamic operations were performed on the moon. The nevus on the girl’s forehead was initially removed by the doctors. A birthmark around the child’s eyes was laser-removed a month later with the use of a laser. Luna has excellent skin regeneration as a consequence of the surgery, which produced excellent results.

Dr. Popov said on his Instagram page that everything was proceeding according to plan throughout the procedure.

In December, the young lady returned to the United States with her mother to celebrate Christmas with family and friends.

She will then proceed with her therapy and rehabilitation. This might take up to a year and a half, according to estimates.

It is known that a citizen of one of Russia’s regions, whose identity has not been revealed, has paid for all of Luna’s medical care.

Luna’s mother, Carol Fenner, expressed her appreciation to the Russians for their participation and support in the event, which was held in their honor.

The doctor from Krasnodar was praised for using an approach that was “unique” in the United States. It is the doctor and his advancements in this sector that have the whole globe encircled. The Krasnodar Clinic intends to copyright its knowledge and expertise gained by treating children with comparable conditions in the future.

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