There are numerous pets that are willing to incur risks for the sake of their owners. We often hear tales of courageous canines that save their human parents from danger.

These magnificent animals, on the other hand, are always willing to provide a hand to ensure the survival of their species.

If you didn’t already know, dogs may also be used as organ donors for other people. This time, we’ll introduce you to a dog who has saved the lives of more than 80 other puppies via blood donations.

Woodie is a greyhound that has made a total of 22 gifts over the course of six years. Greyhounds are one of the few breeds of dogs who may donate their organs to any cause. Only a very tiny percentage of dogs are eligible to be donors.

Woodie became ecstatic each time he performed the noble act. His owner claims that the dog was never freaked out throughout the blood donation procedure on his behalf.

Over the course of six years, he has donated a total of 10,000 mL of blood. By helping other dogs, he does not suffer from any health problems; on the contrary, the doggies get more active and cheerful.

“Superstar,” according to the blood bank where the adorable pooch spent many years receiving treatment. Everyone at the hospital adores the dog for his willingness to donate his organs!

Woodie is now 9 years old and is considered to be a senior citizen. He will be unable to donate any more blood at this point.

Additionally, even today, the vast majority of individuals are not aware that their canines may serve as organ donors. Several of us were made aware of dog blood banks as a result of the well-known canine!

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