When you’re simply going about your business and someone approaches up to you and begins yapping and yapping about this and that, generally about subjects you couldn’t care less about, there’s nothing more irritating. And all you want to do is shut up and not listen to anybody.

These lovely tiny pups stumbled upon this kitten who was simply looking forward to spending some time in the sun with them.They were getting on the cat’s nerves, to say the least, when she decided to take drastic measures. And, my goodness, it was amusing!

Laying near the pool, relaxing and going about her business, the lazy cat was a sight to see! Two quite naughty dogs seem to be having a good time, but they are only having fun around the cat. At first glance, the kitty seems to be enjoying herself and ignoring them, flicking her tail and basking in the sun beside the pool.

But all of a sudden, the dogs start to play tricks on her and make her feel uncomfortable. They look to be having a good time now, but just with the cat. She begins to object and hisses warning hisses at them, but one of the puppies doesn’t pay heed and makes a bad decision — a mistake. She did so because she had reached her limit. It takes a certain mindset and determination to teach the dogs a lesson — the hard way! Fortunately, the amusing encounter was captured on video. Take a look at this:

By Elen

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