In recent weeks, heartbreaking photographs of an injured mother dog protecting her ten-day-old pups from a home fire have spread through social media.

After the fire broke out, the mother dog had to put her life in danger multiple times in order to rescue all of her pups to safety before she passed away.

Amanda, a German shepherd mother dog, ignored the blazing fire and marched back and forth between the house and the fireplace cart, one by one, in order to rescue her babies.

When something detonated in the town of Santa Rosa de Temuco, Chile, it caused a fire that swiftly spread throughout the structure.

Having saved them all, Amanda took a seat next to her pups to care for them and make them feel secure and loved!.

Amparo, one of the pups, passed as a result of severe burns after being rushed to the hospital with mom.

Dr. Felipe Lara, a veterinarian, claims that Amanda also shielded her babies from doctors who attempted to take the puppies away from her to care for them.

The veterinarians finally won her over and began treating her ailing pups, but she made sure Amparo, who was on the verge of passing away, remained within her sight.

A mother’s unwavering devotion and willingness to sacrifice for her children are shown by Amanda, who would never abandon her children even at the risk of her own life if they were in danger.

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