The Berks County Animal Rescue League has created an incredible volunteer program that benefits both school-aged children and shelter animals. Children are paired with shelter cats, and they read stories aloud to their new feline pals as part of the program. This allows kids to improve their reading skills while also taking care of the shelter animals.

Book Buddies is a volunteer-run organization in which children may volunteer to read to stray cats.

The shelter added, “The initiative will help youngsters develop their reading abilities while simultaneously assisting the shelter animals.”
“Cats love the relaxing and reassuring rhythmic sound of a voice.”

Every time the kids complete 5 books, they are given rewards in order to encourage them to return for more reading enjoyment.

Stickers and tasty snacks are among the rewards, but they are not the only ones. They don’t need awards, however, since they adore the kitties.

Many of the cats just lounge about and do “cat things” while being read to, but many of them seem to enjoy the company of the children.
They feel like they belong in a genuine house when they’re among people.

By Anna

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