A number of households who are unable to afford to care for their ill or aging pets make the decision to surrender them. A shelter suddenly finds itself with several dogs that have had lovely lives but are now alone and afraid.

Consider the possibility of being abandoned and spending your final days in complete solitude without understanding why.

The Grey Muzzle Canine Hospice Project was founded by Nicola Coyne, a retired nurse who determined that something needed to be done about it. She takes in dying dogs that have been abandoned by their owners and ensures that they have a happy and fulfilling remainder of their lives with her help.

Nicola, from Nottingham in the United Kingdom, visits animal shelters in her neighborhood and adopts two elderly dogs that are in poor health at a time. In the majority of situations, she strives to find homes for dogs that have 6 months or fewer remaining on this planet. The longest she’s ever owned a dog was around one year, and the shortest was approximately two weeks.

She also ensures that kids “fulfill their bucket lists,” as reported by the Metro newspaper. Pup-partying, going to the beach, wonderful steak meals, and getting ice cream from McDonald’s are all on the menu!

The Metro writes, “One charity she regularly helps said they ‘couldn’t be more grateful’ to Nicola, who has given some of their most desperate pets ‘love and care like they have never received.’” Nicola spends up to £500 ($610) on each puppy, which she pays for out of her own pocket and with contributions she gets via her nonprofit organization.

In Nicola’s words, “it might be an extremely painful job, but someone has to do it.” “I’m a true animal lover, and the notion of them suffering their last days, weeks, or months without the attention they deserve makes me sick to my stomach. It may be quite difficult, but when you are able to produce those wonderful moments, it is extremely satisfying.”

When they pass away, she has them cremated and buried in a special plot at her Nottingham home. A painful job, to be sure, but one that must be done because someone has to do it, according to Nicola.

Joanne Snaith, from Helping Yorkshire Poundies, says, “Nicola does an amazing job, taking in dogs when they’ve been kicked out by their owners right at the very end of their lives — giving them the love and care most have never received previously in their lives. “The Grey Muzzle Project’s work is truly fantastic, and I appreciate it much.”

As of now, Nicola thinks that she has taken in around 30 dogs and has helped them through their last days of life.

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