Pinocchio is a 3-month-old cat that was saved in Los Angeles, California. He is named after the Italian cartoon character. When he was found, he had the appearance of a 5–6-week old kitten, and when he was greeted by rescuers, the cat expressed relief at the prospect of receiving better care.

In addition to having a little upper respiratory disease and an umbilical hernia, Pinocchio’s nose and lips were unusually shaped, giving him a unique look.

It was taken in by the Friends for Life Rescue Network shelter, which looked after the kitten. They discovered that his appearance is caused by a congenital focus on preventing his jaw to be misaligned, as previously stated.

The cat arrived in horrible condition, thin and infected with fleas, thirsty and starving.

Jacqueline DeAmor, the founder of Friends for Life Rescue Network, stated:

“He was pretty hungry, so he downed two cans of food, which was a lot for his little body,” says the author.

After finishing eating, he slept for a long time in a comfy bed to refresh his body’s energy reserves. With a well-balanced diet and progressive movement, the adorable little cat learns to seek attention and participate in activities.

After seeing his guardians, Little Pinocchio is overjoyed and strives to attract their attention by meowing and purring more than usual.

Jacqueline also remarked the following:

“As soon as I go into the room, he becomes animated and eager to begin playing. Aside from being loud and curious, he is also quite energetic and rather nice. “He adores running and chasing after balls,” says his mother.

In spite of his illness, Pinocchio remains a cheerful and energetic cat who is improving by the day. He will soon be seen by a dental expert as well as a neurological specialist to ensure that he receives all of the treatment he needs. The kitten seems to be aware that he is in wonderful care and appears to look forward to his visits to the doctor on a regular basis.

According to the shelter’s director, the cat has a happy flap all over the place and enjoys playing with new toys.

Jacqueline thinks: “It’s impossible not to find this tiny crook entertaining. With each meal, he consumes more calories than he can possibly consume.

“Pinocchio’s situation is improving,” says she.

Small cats in the shelter like being the center of attention, and as people walk by, he extends his paws to greet them. Pinocchio is unconcerned and looks forward to each day.

Watch the video of this cute creature below:

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