Pets and infants are often used to form close friendships. Some dogs have even been seen assisting their parents in protecting and caring for their newborns. Cats and dogs understand that when their owners are ready to give birth to a kid, they will be excellent brothers and sisters to the baby.

Ralph E. Doodles the dog demonstrates that he is a kind big brother to his little human companion. A heartwarming event was taken on film and shared on Rumble, in which the dog joyfully informed his younger brother how much he loved him. The lovely video is less than a minute long, yet it has captured the hearts of more than 340K people on social media.

Doodles was resting on the sofa with the infant boy leaning on him when the video was shot. As her dog was taught how to express love in human language, the mother who shot the video proposed nice terms on a consistent basis to her dog.

“I love you,” the woman said again.

Doodles attempted to imitate the noises he had heard, and it was very adorable to see the moment. Enjoy the video below:

By Anna

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