The eighth night of Horan’s The Show: Live on Tour was spent in London, where Mendes was able to wow his audience.

Over the weekend, Shawn Mendes made his triumphant comeback to the stage, performing with Niall Horan in London. The performance was a complete surprise.

Horan, who is thirty years old, was performing at a stop on The Show: Live on Tour when he surprised his audience by inviting the artist who is known for “Stitches” to join him.

According to Horan, “Welcome to the stage, my little big brother, Shawn Mendes,” as the fans went completely berserk at the surprise visitor, Shawn Mendes was introduced.

A duet performance of Mendes’ popular track “Treat You Better” was performed by the two of them together, and Horan praised the appearance by exclaiming, “That’s my boy!” as Mendes left the stage following the number.

On Saturday, Horan sent out a video of the unexpected visit to his Instagram followers, captioning it with the phrase “Night Eight London.” I would want to express my gratitude to the incredible @shawnmendes for supporting me on stage last night.

This is Mendes’s first live performance in almost nine months, when he made another surprise cameo at a stop on Ed Sheeran’s Multiplication Tour in Toronto in June 2023. This is Mendes’ first public performance since then.

Mendes went to Instagram in January to offer his thoughts on his personal development over the course of the previous year. Mendes had previously intended to go on a global tour in 2022, but he decided to postpone it in order to concentrate on his own mental health and welfare.

The “Wonder” singer, who is 25 years old, shared a video of himself singing along to a harmonium and said how this exercise assisted him in overcoming his nervousness and dread. Mendes explained that providing himself with the opportunity to sing without the expectation of attaining perfection became a form of solace, highlighting the beauty that can be found in the dynamic between “right” and “wrong” notes.

“I realized there were only moments of bliss and euphoria from the ‘right’ notes BECAUSE of the ‘wrong’ notes,” he said to his Instagram account. “The only reason I can sing in key is because I’ve learned to listen.”

Furthermore, Mendes said that the most important thing he learned in the year 2023 was “to accept and welcome the lows of life” and to refrain from always seeking change in order to restore a feeling of high.

A further look into Mendes’ mental health journey can be seen in the video that can be found below.

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