Pierce Brosnan has provided an appropriate response to the criticism that has been leveled on social media over the weight of his wife. A recent conversation that Brosnan and his wife Keely Shaye Smith had on social media serves as proof, according to Joe, that social media can be a cruel and judgemental place at times. This was shown by the conversation.

A woman posted two photos of Pierce Brosnan and Sheridan Smith on the beach, one from the 1990s, when Brosnan was at the height of his James Bond celebrity, and the other from today, side by side in a post that has since been removed from Facebook. One of the photos was from the 1990s, and the other was from today. She presumably believed that identifying her boyfriend and stating “this is us 100%” would be the end of it, but things seldom end that simply on social media. She should have known better.

During the argument between the pair, which led to the temporary blocking of the profile for casual fat-shaming, the husband claimed that “we do not seem that obese,” and the poster replied that they were “close to it.” This went on until Brosnan himself voiced his opposition to the photo that was published in the issue. Brosnan, in an effort to defend his long-term girlfriend, said, “Her friends offered her weight-loss surgery.” On the other hand, I admire each and every curve that she has. She is without a doubt the most stunning lady I have ever seen. In addition to that, she is the mother of all five of our children.

He continued by saying, “I used to love her for who she was, not just her beauty, and now that she is the mother of my children, I love her more more than I did before.” Because I am so pleased with how she has turned out, I always want to prove to her that I am worthy of her love.

Keely and Brosnan have been married for almost to three decades, and they are the proud parents of two beautiful children. In 1980, the actor wed Cassandra Harris, and they remained married until her death in 1991. Cassandra Harris passed away in 1991. During the course of Brosnan and Harris’s first marriage, their son Sean was born. After their biological father went away, the actor reportedly adopted Chris and Charlotte Harris’ children from a previous marriage and gave them the names of his own children. RSVP Live reports that Harris died away in 1991 as a result of ovarian cancer, and that he also lost Charlotte to the condition in 2013.

He was quoted as saying at the time of Harris’s dying, “Life changes when your spouse is diagnosed with cancer.” Your routine, the context in which you do the tasks of daily life, and your outlook on life all shift as a result. because you cannot avoid dealing with death. You are going to have to learn to cope with not just the possibility of death but also actual death. And it continued to be like way throughout the chemotherapy, the first treatment, the second, third, fourth, and fifth looks.”

When the actor was on vacation in Mexico in 1994, he met Smith and fell in love all over again for the first time in years. After dating for over seven years, the pair finally tied the knot in 2001.

Brosnan was recently quoted in an article published by The Independent as saying, “She has a power that I could not exist without. When Keely stares at me, I get the chills. “

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