We’ve met kittens with a variety of disabilities, and despite the fact that it’s sad to see them suffering, they never let that get in the way of living their lives. The story we have for you today is a good example of this.

Kanga is a seriously disabled kitten that was rescued from the streets at the age of one month. The vet recommended that the sad kitten be put to sleep, but the lady who rescued her disagreed.

She found another clinic that had other ideas for the kitten. One of the workers decided to contact a North Carolina-based rescue organization, which brought the kitten in and changed its life.

The kitten was active and charming, despite its fragility. She jumped about on her legs like a kangaroo, and she was eventually adopted by Joyce.

Joyce gave the cat the name Kanga, and she loved her. Kanga became the foster mom to a cat called Hector after a year, and she did an excellent job.

Kanga’s recent kitten is an adorable grey-white cat born with the same disability, but he is fortunate in that he has his mother to assist him. Take a look at the video below to see the adorable kitty…

By Elen

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